How to choose your first Baby Wrap!

With new things coming to our life, it is sometimes very hard to decide, what will be the best for us and our children. Luckily, we are here to help you with this decision. So what is the first wrap you should choose?

When you start to use wraps it is always important to also look at the fabric features. The best is to find a wrap made mostly out of cotton with a little bit of stretch material included.

This combination is perfect and will allow you to have a comfortable but still very practical wrap.
Therefore Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex should be the best first option for you.

Such a cotton wrap is possible to wash in a washing machine, iron and dry in a dryer. So it will very quickly become a handy help to every parent.

What is the right size?

It might seem hard to pick the right size for your first wrap. One way to find the right size can be to derive it from the size of clothes mothers are wearing. If you are a mom wearing size 38, then the best wrap should be about 4 meters long.

If you wear size 40-42 the wrap should be about 4 and half meters. Sizes 44 and more are adequate to 5 meters and longer wraps. You can see the whole table below.

However, your first wrap should be universal. It should be long enough so you can create even the most difficult holds which need the longest wraps. Also we shouldn’t forget about the fathers who are usually bigger than women so they need longer wrap as well.

Our Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap is 5, 2 meters long; therefore it is a perfect universal size for mothers and fathers. Plus you can create even the most difficult holds with it.

Untill 36  38-42 More than 42 
Cradle, ponny 2,7 2,7 2,7 – 3,6
Cangaroo, backpack 3,6 3,6 – 4,1 4,1 – 4,6
Cross 3,6 4,1 4,6
Cross with pocket, Double cross  4,1 m 4,5 m 5m

What is the best “first” hold?

There are many different holds that need different lengths of the wrap. On top of that one can never be sure that it will be possible to carry the baby in the easiest holds from the beginning.

The most favorite and safe holds for both mothers and their babies are usually the ones that need the longest wraps.One of the best holds for beginners is the cross hold, when you create pocket inside the wrap. It will be comfortable and nice for both you and the baby from the beginning.


While choosing your new wrap it is also important to find a look you will like. The gender of your newborn can make your decision little bit easier as well. With Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap you gain stunning design that no one will ever overlook and you and your baby will enjoy it as well.

It is always important that you feel good about wearing the baby in the wrap therefore you should choose design that you will really like, because you are going to use it in your everyday life.

Finally: Decisive factor?

Finally, when you are deciding what wrap to buy, you should always follow the reviews of parents who already have experiences with the products. No one will ever give you better idea about the quality than a mother who uses the product every day.

And it is a same for us. When we receive positive review from happy parents, there is no better evaluation or reward. We like to hear that our Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap is making your lives better and your baby feel good close to you.