Cloth and disposable diapers

Babies and cloth diapers inseparably belong together for both economical and health reasons. Besides, they also bring many advantages to parents.

Economical advantages:

When using cloth diapers, you can save a lot of money and time. If you don’t mind the initial investment, you can use those diapers over and over again and therefore lower overall costs. Cloth diapers are also usable when you have another baby.

Health aspects:

Nowadays almost every mother thinks that disposable diapers are the best for all babies. But it is important to keep in mind they are made out of not only paper but also other chemical additives. It is also proven that many paper diapers cause excessive warming of genitals. Cloth diapers don’t show those problems.

Myths about cloth diapers

Work difficulties and time requirements:

Nowadays, you can wash cloth diapers in a washing machine. We don’t live in times when you would have to scald diapers in pots anymore. Washing cloth diapers in a washing machine doesn’t take so much time like looking for a good discount on disposable diapers in shopping leaflets. And ironing? Forget about it, nowadays you no longer need to iron modern diapers.

Discomfort of cloth diapers

Current modern pants diapers are very much alike with those disposable ones. You can easily hook them up with Velcro or patents and they provide your baby with all the comfort it needs.

Cloth diapers are expensive

For this argument we have a special table showing estimated costs.

Cloth diapers Disposable diapers
One-time purchase of cloth diapers 185 – 350 USD ————
Top panties or diaper insert  41 USD ————
Purchase of disposable diapers

(5 CZK/diaper
0,20 USD/diaper)

———– 0-3 months: 51 – 64 USD

3-6 months: 43 – 51 USD

6 months: 34 USD

Washing (1 month)  14 USD – first six months

9 USD – later

Costs: 1st  year 363 – 486 USD 488 – 552 USD
Costs: 2nd year 109 USD 308 – 411 USD
Costs till circa 2,5 years 54 USD 154 – 206 USD
Costs all together (2,5 years) 567 – 691 USD 951 – 1170 USD


Baby is wet

Cloth diapers drain humidity from bum outside the diaper. With regular diaper changing at least 5 to 6 times a day, you can easily make sure your baby will be dry and safe.

Advantages of cloth diapers:

  • lower price
  • you can wash them
  • lower impact on the environment
  • very sensitive to baby skin


Disadvantages of cloth diapers:

  • more difficult fixation
  • you have to wash and scald them
  • costs of washing powder and power
  • worse absorbency in comparison with disposable ones


Advantages of disposable diapers:

  • easy manipulation
  • comfortable conditions for the baby which is able to move more freely
  • you can throw the diaper away after use, therefore it provides you better hygiene
  • more absorbency
  • good fixation


Disadvantages of disposable diapers:

  • higher price (circa 10 – 16 USD per 56 pieces)
  • bigger impact on the environment
  • can cause sore spots


Combination of cloth and disposable diapers is a very good choice. For traveling and visits you can use disposable diapers. For home you can use cloth diapers. Choice of diapers for your baby of course depends on each of you. Some parents like cloth and some disposable diapers more. Neither of those choices is bad.

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