Crying baby? No problem. Just turn on vacuum cleaner or hair drier.

Mothers and fathers come home from hospitals after giving birth with the greatest joy in their life. Unfortunately even this joy can turn into despair after couple weeks. You all know very well that babies can cry for hours and hours, before parents actually learn, what is it babies really ask for. Breastfeeding, changing or holding the baby doesn’t help? Maybe you need just a little bit more noise.

Yes, you are reading it right. Before you look for anything to stick into your ears, try to calm your baby down with more noise. Parents often like to sing or tell stories to their babies as well.

Studies show that monotone sound of vacuum cleaner, dish washer, hair drier or washing machine reminds the baby of sounds that it could hear in mother’s womb, like the heartbeat. Therefore those sounds are very calming for babies and make them feel secure and relaxed.

The best lullaby; vacuum cleaner

Do you know the method called white noise? Many parents tried it and wouldn’t change it for anything.

White noises are sounds that can calm you down and also improve and extend the length of one’s sleep. Those sounds are very soothing and natural to us. Every one for sure also experienced how easy it is to fall asleep while it is raining. Many people have troubles to fall asleep surrounded by absolute silence and that is why they turn on the radio.

Babies are even in worse position; they spent nine months in a womb where they were surrounded by noise of 80 decibels, which equals to a sound of vacuum cleaner. But when they are born, all the noises suddenly disappear. So basically, vacuum cleaner can be enough for them.

But of course you don’t have to vacuum all night long or dry your hair for hours. There are even special CD’s and recordings that imitate those sounds. There are also recordings with sound of a heartbeat. On the internet, you can also find a lot of electronic devices which can imitate those sounds.

Natural white noises: sound of the sea, wind blowing or raindrops

Artificial white noises: hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, digester, washing machine, driving in the car

We know from our own experience, that it is the best to wrap you baby in a baby wrap and then vacuum clean or dry your hair. Truly monotone sounds babies perceive like something they already know for a very long time.

Babies also like cloth diapers which they can hold in their hands and hide underneath them. You can also try rubbing the area around eyes and over upper eyelids to help your baby fall asleep.

And what are your tricks while putting your baby to sleep?

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