Hundreds of years old story…

Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap follows hundred years old traditions & creates special bond between parents and their babies

Hundreds years ago, parents from all over the world were using different cloths and scarves to carry their newborns around and still keep their hands free to do the choirs. Such carriers were used as something very ordinary; especially for poor people who needed to work or travel while having their babies around.

Even though popularity of such baby carrier’s declined in the past, baby wearing is becoming increasingly recognized again and new Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap can easily prove to you why. Product often referred to as baby carrier, sling carrier or sling wrap is great and healthy choice for you and your kids.

Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap is made out of quality cotton and stretchy material to make sure you and your baby will be comfortable at all times. Besides its practical features, Amazing Ladybug Baby wrap has also enjoyable design that no one will ever overlook.

Along many other advantages new sling carrier Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap is adjustable, suitable for breastfeeding mothers and work on a same principal like backpacks; you can use it either in front or on your back.

Hundreds years ago, when Indian mothers had their papoose, simple baby carriers made out of cloths, sheets or scarves helped them in every day life to carry their babies and still move freely while walking, hiking or working.

Amazing Ladybug inspired by those old traditions offers moms and dads a great possibility to carry newborns around easily, make sure they grow healthily and are save at all times. Thanks to its unmistakable design, everyone will know you are carrying a baby in a sling wrap.

You will no longer want to use anything else. Luckily, Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap is machine washable, so even if you use it over and over hundred times, you can always renew its original colors and glow.