How to lose weight with your baby around

Dear mothers, do you think it is impossible to lose weight while having your baby around? That is no longer the truth. Every one of you has many duties including work and choirs. It is hard to hike uphill with a stroller and you can exercise at home only when your baby is calm or asleep. Unfortunately that is also the time when every mom wants to finish the house choirs and duties that aren’t easily done with baby around.

However, even while taking care of your newborn and finishing your choirs it is possible to lose weight. If you wonder how, we have a solution for you – the baby wearing workout. You can wrap even the tiniest newborns in the baby wrap carrier which will allow you to move actively. You can take your baby for a long walk or trip and also exercise inside and outside as well.

Can’t imagine how to exercise with your baby? It’s easy. We have several exercises and examples for you.


Place your feet as wide as your hips. Lunge forward and bend both of your legs. You want to keep front leg’s shin and back thigh perpendicular to the floor. In a lunge position, keep front knee above toes and back knee just little bit above the floor. Do not lie back!Lunges


Wall Press

Further you place your feet from the wall, more weight will be relaying on your arms. Place your arms perpendicular to the body. Do not push your shoulders up towards your ears. Lower down your body until 90° in your elbow. Keep your belly thigh and your back straight. And because your head is a natural extension of torso, do not lay it back. Always be careful so your baby doesn’t hit the wall.baby_exercise



Stand with your feet apart and place your arms perpendicularly ahead of you. Squat as far as you can.baby_exercise_2


Knee against elbow

Pull up your knee against the opposite elbow. The exercise is very nimble.baby_exercise_3


Standing on tiptoes

While standing on your tiptoes, keep your knees straight. Lift up and slowly come down again. Always keep your torso tightened and your head upright.baby_exercise_1


There are truly many exercises mothers can do with their babies in baby wrap carrier. At many places, you can also find yoga classes or gymnastics courses for mothers with their babies wrapped in a baby sling. One significant part of exercise is also walking which is good not only for you but also for your baby. Babies are actively involved, not only passively carried. Every change of center of gravity causes corresponding reflex of nerves and muscles.We recommend for all of these our Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap with its original design and absolutely suitable material. Thanks to its great features, Amazing Ladybug Baby Wrap will be your perfect companion while you do workout and also carry your baby.


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