Newborn baby vs. your dog

Do you have a dog that is inseparable part of your family? And soon enough you will bring newborn baby home from the hospital? The truth is it can be a trouble both for you and your beloved pet friend. It is important to get ready for it.

Every dog has different ways how to deal with a new family member. New baby is a big news and change. Suddenly your dog isn’t the center of all the attention.


  • If you have castrated dog, half of the battle is over. Castrated pets are calmer and friendlier towards people and children.
  • Dog needs to be acquainted to a baby crying. Some vets advise to record baby crying and other sounds and play those at home before the baby comes. Dogs aren’t so surprised afterwards.
  • Training is also important. Dog should know all the basic commands such as sit down, lie down, stop, don’t jump, don’t bark.
  • When preparing children’s room, let the dog explore the room thoroughly.
  • Odors are also very important for the dog. Send home piece of clothes that your baby wore in the hospital before you arrive with a new family member. Your dog can smell it and remember the smell for later.


After you arrive home with your baby, show your dog new member of the family as well. Always be careful and watch the dog’s reaction. Also keep in mind all the different scenarios that can happen. Dogs usually act as defenders and slowly start to protect and defend the baby. They will eventually become inseparable couple.

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  1. Cade says:

    Short, sweet, to the point, FR-eEExactly as information should be!

    1. Amazing Ladybug says:

      We are glad you like it! Thank you. We want to give our customers the best tips and tricks we know about.

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