Pacifier, an indivisible part of baby’s life

Do you know the feeling, when your baby’s pacifier suddenly disappears? For some parents it can be truly horror situation. Some babies love their pacifiers and some refuse them. Babies often refuse pacifiers because of its shape, material or size. Even pacifiers have their parameters and every baby likes something else.

There are many papers confirming that pacifiers are inappropriate for babies and toddlers. It is big help for mothers because they help them to calm their babies down and put them to sleep. That is also a reason why people sometimes call them “sops”.

Different sizes of pacifiers

First very important thing is the size of pacifier. Comforters are made in different sizes according to the age of babies. There are sizes for the smallest ones from 0 to 6 months, then from 6 to 18 months and for older children from 12 to 18 months.

You can also find pacifiers for premature babies with low birth weight. Pacifiers differ with size, therefore it isn’t appropriate to give your newborn pacifier for toddlers, mainly because of the size of their mouths.

Choice of the right material

Nowadays mothers and fathers can choose from two natural and harmless materials. Silicone pacifiers are see trough and rubber pacifiers are yellowish brown. Silicone ones should be also longer lasting.

Pacifier should be exchanged once in a while, so it isn’t that important which one you chose. Your baby will choose him or herself.

Shape of pacifier

You can find many different shapes as well; from classical drop shape to anatomically shaped pacifiers. Those have inner part beveled. This part should secure the right position of tongue when sucking.

What you should focus on when buying pacifier

You should always look for pacifiers which have punched plastic parts. The spiracles provide air passage which ensures that the pacifier doesn’t stick to the mouth of your baby. Parents should also buy pacifiers in brand stores and avoid random market places etc.


Babies also often become addicted to pacifiers. Therefore it is very important to take the pacifier away. The best is when your baby turns one already without it. When children use pacifiers for too long, it can cause their teeth to grow crooked.

Therefore it really depends on you, what pacifier and for how long you choose for your baby.



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